Anna Olivia, 22, Sweden.
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  • Check out this mix on @8tracks: Peaceful Pieces by emmamcl.

  • G’mornin! Now it’s Lucille & me…

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    #lucille ball
  • Only 1 Shade of Grey suits me and that’s Earl Grey.

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  • When I was out on my morning routine I realised how I’m going to move away from this and by this I mean my own little Hogwarts! Unfortunately magic hasn’t crossed my way. Maybe I’m a muggle anyway. 🙏🔮

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  • Looking back on this summer’s Midsummer celebration! Oh good times! 🍓✌️

  • And this is only a small excerpt.

  • Greetings from Denmark! 💌

  • Life is an open door 💛

  • A young George Clooney with his sister Ada

    (Source: cinemastatic, via maryhartleys)

  • creativemornings:

    "Be makers of things, not just consumers of things, because our future depends on it."

    — Dave Peth.

    Watch the talk.

  • arpeggia:

    James Nares - I Can Tell, 2010, iridescent pigment and wax on linen, 94” x 67 1/4” | More posts